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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Start Spreading the News


Taryn and I are making our way to NYC. 

We have planned to leave our car in Phoenix and therefore we have spent the last three days driving the coast. Some thoughts from our road trip:

- Sandy Beach. Oceanview Cliff. Pacific Beach. Grey Beach. These are all real names of landmarks along the Oregon coast. Louis and Clark had no imagination. At least try something like Lottawatta Bay or Wattasokoldwhywouldanyoneeverthinkaboutvacationinghere Beach.

- McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and a CocaCola Classic (in a wax cup) go together like wheelchairs and the Oregon Coast.

- It costs $5 to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. This year the Bay Area Transit estimates $85 million in revenue. Who wants to build a bridge with me?

We stopped and stayed in the Bay Area with Meg and are now in LA with our dear friends the Mugfords. We won't get to NYC until Wednesday but we are already restless and eager to begin life there.

Thanks to all of the Seattlites who have showered us with love in recent weeks. We miss you already.

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mackenzie said...

I'm now starting my second week of bridge building classes.

We'll get started soon.

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