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Monday, July 28, 2008



I am not a fan of life update blog posts. However, my life as you know it is dated and needs to be upped.

Taryn and I have arrived in NYC. We chose a lengthy journey to our new city but enjoyed getting to see friends and family along the way. The move-in was difficult. Our place was filthy. We painted some walls. Sweated. Went to Ikea. Ate pizza and Pinkberry three times. Walked 100+ blocks. Sweated. Went to church. Sweated through my shirt. Enjoyed a few brunches. And are still working at making our 500sf a home. Today is Taryn's first day of class and my first day of highly active job searching.

We are well on our way to enjoying New York City.

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Johanna said...

I hope you'll be posting pictures soon of your new space! Even though that would be another life updating post. Some of us like being updated on the goings on of your life!

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