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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bounces off me and...


Have a new years resolution you want to commit to? Perhaps you are trying to lose that last ten pounds and don't want to break your diet. Perhaps you are looking to stay away from Girls Next Door marathons on E! Perhaps you need to stop smoking Backwoods. Perhaps you have vowed to write one interesting blog entry per week. Perhaps you are now in your 5th year of marriage and you are getting tired of your spouse.

Either way...do you have a commitment problem? Apparently our society does.

Introducing, StickK.

The site, started by three Yale economists, offers an online equivalent to a happy-hour bar bet. You sign up, register your commitment, and place money on the reaching of that goal. You may also name a person as your referee, who must acknowledge the completion of your vow. If you fail, you pay. If your words match your actions you don't get punished.

How fun.

Anyone want to try this out? I will gladly be the beneficiary of your failed commitments. (I don't mean that...or do I?)

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Johanna said...

What an amazing commentary on our society! How did you find something like that?

Jordan Lane Shappell said...

i commit to eating a churro a day

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