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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off Broadway: A Series of New York Reflections


In the a recent New York Magazine celebrities and journalists reflect on their early New York City experiences. Their stories hold both pain and joy that uniquely marks a New Yorker. Do I pretend to be a New Yorker? No. But I am thankful for the 10 months that we have lived here and have been deeply marked by this place and its people. Over the next month (that's right, I said month) I will be saying thank you to this city, its ethos and the people that create it. It will probably read a lot like a Ryan Adams album. I do not post these thoughts for some kind of public diary but to invite you to reflect on who/what/where had influenced you and your life. Because after all, we don't learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.
Taryn applied at two graduate schools. Columbia and the University of Washington. I had assumed that she would get into both and that we would have a decision to make.

Seeing as we lived in Seattle at the time (where I was going to graduate school), I thought perhaps we would stay. But I will never forget that day she received the acceptance letter. It was an overcast Friday afternoon (SHOCKER!) and I was in the middle of a conference. She called me screaming that she had gotten accepted. I screamed with her for a few and told her that we would continue our celebrating later that night with some champagne and a discussion about whether or not we would head to NY. That night, I got home, opened the bottle of champagne, and I asked, "so what are you thinking?" She replied, "well, I need you to transfer $400 into my checking account because I already sent Columbia my deposit."

I had no idea that I would be toasting our move to NY that night. I was shocked, but I was not upset at all. I agreed. We should go.

That night we finished off the bottle of champagne and began dreaming of a life in the midst of yellow cabs and world class restaurants. We had no idea what we were in for.

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