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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just More Quotes?


I apologize for the lack of original thought in this space lately. My thoughts have been muddled with all of the details of our upcoming transition. I hope to say more about that as well as reflecting on our time in NYC in the coming month.

That said, today Taryn and I spent five hours in the middle of central park. She did homework. I read some fiction and the NYT. Here is a quote that stuck with me:

“I still feel the same about guns and I know I’m right,...if I thought giving that sermon would be the end of guns in this society, I’d give it again in a second. But it won’t. That sermon was more about placating my need to be right than about preaching the Gospel. It does more to defeat my case than help it. I’m standing up on a pulpit, no one can say a thing for those 20 minutes, what I say goes. It’s the wrong kind of power. It undermines the love. You can tell people to do the right thing or you can do the loving thing and get the same result.”

- Rev Tim Ives in From a Pulpit, Peace Over Politics in today's NYT

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