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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prepare Him Room


New York is a tricky place to be for the holidays.

I apologize to those who are tired of hearing about NYC. I will try to write some city-neutral things at some point, but for now I still find myself overwhelmed by what it means to live in this urban center.

New York prepares for the holidays unlike anything I have ever seen. The store fronts. The choirs. The churches. The trees. The food. The shopping. Its all here. This is truly the first Christmas in which I have spent a great deal of time preparing for Christmas. While certainly cliche and often commercialized, all of these things have prepped me to celebrate the coming of Christ.

Or is that really what we are preparing for? After all, New York is home of the Black Friday Wal-Mart trampling as well as millions of dollars in designer store discounts.

So while I am not sure of New York's intent, I believe the hyper-holiday environment of NYC has helped me focus on what it means to prepare for Christmas. To call others to something more than myself. To share how faith in the story of God can lead to a story much greater than the one's we know. To point beyond the gifts and lights. All the while hoping that there can be good found in family traditions, gift giving, and Christmas-tree-awing.

As hectic as things may be, I hope that we can all "prepare Him room" over these next few days.

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