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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jonesin' for the PNW


Things I miss about Seattle....

1) Rain that isn't really rain. When it rains here you get soaked. When it rains in Seattle, you just do a quick shimmy and you are dry.

2) Doughnuts. In this city there are bagels. But since learning that doughnuts often have less calories and significantly more nutritional value than a bagel I am longing for TopPot and Dahlia's.

3) Amazon books arriving at my house in 12 hours. Thanks to the Amazon castle (and the warehouse in federal way ) books purchased with standard shipping would show up in less than a day. I just ordered 4 books that I will not see for over 8 business days and after they arrive in my building my superintendent Jimmy will probably hide the package from me because he thinks that its fun to watch me wonder around the lobby. I'll get you Jimmy.

4) THE market. Today I tried to bite into an apple purchased at my corner market and my teeth were stopped by whatever fungus had hardened inside the peel. I literally could not bite it. I miss my seven inch circumference, snappy honeycrip. Oh, and the mac and cheese. Oh, and the meat. Oh, and the view. (Taryn: "Oh, and the flowers.")

5) Beards. Bankers, lawyers, and actors all shave. I miss me some good ol' fashion beard.

New York is lovely but Seattle can go to sleep tonight knowing that there is a New Yorker jonesin' for some of its pacific northwest goodness.

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Jari said...

and me!! you miss me! i'm here too!

also, its: w-a-r-e-h-o-u-s-e.

sometimes i feel mean but it's really not intended maliciously. i just want to help.

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