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Wednesday, November 12, 2008




You feel them, I feel them, we all feel them.

The question is not whether we have them its whether we are in touch with them.

That last sentence was cheesy. Really cheesy. Doctor Phil cheesy.

However, in recent days I have been overwhelmed by the Christian tendency to belittle feelings. We continue to swallow the "consider it pure joy" pill and refuse to address issues of fear, loneliness, and pain. For whatever reason we believe that God has entitled us to a life without pain or suffering. Thus, we work our tails off for this illusive perma-smile and in the end find ourselves ragged and lacking significant intimacy with others.

This quote didn't need any of the above commentary...but you got it anyways. :)

"No-one is less able to sustain happiness than someone obsessed with feeling only happiness. A happy and meaningful existence depends on the ability to feel emotions other than happiness, as well as ones that compete with happiness...Today, the demand for triviality has never been higher and our tolerance for seriousness has never been lower."

- The Happiness Consipiracy by John F. Schumaker (via elnellis)

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benjamin said...

I wish you still lived down the street(s) so that I could share my feelings more often with you.

You can be my Dr. Phil any day.

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