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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Job & A Prostate Exam


I got a job.

Its pretty much a glorified temp job. I am an office manager for a doctor's office. I am doing everything from receptionist duties (booking patients, etc.) to arranging a move into a shiny new office in midtown. The doctors are all wonderful and the pay is good. For those who were worried the current situation on Wall Street would keep me from ever finding a job...you can now sleep soundly.

I share that to give an update but also to tell a brief story. Today a man came into the office an hour late for his appointment. After checking him in and reviewing his charts I discovered he was there for a prostate exam. While waiting for a doctor in the waiting room, he fell asleep. He FELL ASLEEP. If I was about to have someone stick their finger in and around my rectum I would certainly not be sleeping. I'd be squirming. Playing the drums on the clip board. I'd be a wreck. Not this guy. He was a rock. I think this man may be my new definition of clutch. Any man who does not have nerves prior to a prostate exam is the man that I want taking the shot at the buzzer.


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Kj said...

Oh did his flight-or-flight mechanism send him into a coma?

tJS said...

I've heard/read this story three times now, and I'm still giggling.

Johanna said...

You had both Jerry and me laughing out loud! Glad you got a job.

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