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Friday, September 19, 2008

Battle in Seattle: Charlize Stood Me Up


Last night I was supposed to have a hot date with Charlize Theron. Sadly she stood me up. Even worse, she sent her boyfriend.

Taryn and I went to see the limited release of "Battle in Seattle" and were promised that Charlize and Stuart Townsand would be there for a time of Q&A before and after the film. Charlize was absent but Stuart still gave a brief description of why he shot this dramatized documentary surrounding the 1999 WTO protests. He explained that it was something that very few people remember and even fewer understand the significance. He said that the "WTO protests were the One campaign, go green, and organic before it was cool to be any of those things." Stuart believes (and I happen to agree after viewing the movie and a few hours of online research) that the 1999 Seattle protests were a watershed event that pushed forward many initiatives that we are a part of today. While sarcastically trivializing the protests to be the beginning of world wide Bonoism in his pre-show introduction, his film depicts a causal community that truly grabs the attention of the WTO and the world.

I must admit that in the two years that Taryn and I lived in Seattle no one spoke of these protests. Furthermore, as a 15 year old, I do not even remember hearing about them. That is why Townsend made this movie.

I will leave the movie reviews to the professionals (I'd give it a B). However if you live in the Seattle area I think that it would be VERY valuable to give this cultural arti-fiction a viewing.

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