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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Accelerated Conversation


On the impact of our hyper-accelerated culture:

"Ideas are put out into the public sphere much earlier, and less completely formed, than they would have been in the past. This is an invitation for other people to cherry-pick those ideas and finish them in various different ways. I think this makes culture a more widespread conversation, the result of a host of untraceable contributions webbing together to produce new things. It erodes the image of the artist as a lonely genius and puts us into a more 'folk music' situation, where anyone can have a go and ideas spread out in all directions."

- Brian Eno, Wired Magazine

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brentandautumn@mac.com said...

so at first glance I thought your post was called "Accelerated Conversion" which is also an interesting idea. I thought you were talking about an alter call. Guess not :)


Derrick Fudge said...

I agree with mr. Eno and all his goodness. I think it makes us a generation of collaborators instead of independent creators.

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