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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You can't stay...


On Indy-Eve I am a little nervous that Indiana Jones has overstayed his welcome. I am nervous that tomorrow night’s 11:30 viewing will not live up to the deep hope that I have invested in the search for the Crystal Skull. I hope that I am wrong, but perhaps George Lucas and the crew should have hung this one up. This got me thinking of other things that have overstayed their welcome.

ER: This show started in 1994! I had to ask my mom to stay up later than my bedtime so that I could watch it. Please end this show! I even have an idea for a series finale. Have Dr. Benton raise Dr. Green from the dead and cure him from his brain tumor while Stamos conjoins the Olsen Twins.

Pennies: The last time that I was in a Taco Bell I dropped a penny into one of those land-it-on-the-neon-disk-water-features and it landed right on the neon pink saucer! The problem? Pennies don’t count for free cinnamon twists. If a skilled penny drop can’t get you cinnamon twists…get rid of them all together.

K-Mart: Does anyone shop there? Your grandma doesn't count.

The Faux-hawk: I have the freedom to say this now that my hair is gone. Even Seacrest has flattened his out a little bit. Its just time for that cone head hairdo to go away.

David Archuleta: I know he just lost American Idol 20 minutes ago and many of you are sad. However 12 weeks was too Archie for me. The kid needs to go get his Disney contract and ride off into our nation’s cognitive sunset. I would rather listen to Bindi Irwin.

Narrowly missing the list: blog posts like this one.

Anything to add?

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Kj said...

i have to stand up for KMart. the NY Astor Place KMart supplied me with skittles, sourdough pretzels and dr pepper for a solid year of non-profit work. and it has an underground entrance right from the subway. that makes it oh so special

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