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Monday, May 26, 2008

How did we get here?


If your survival needs are taken care of — food, shelter, relative safety — chances are excellent that you have at least one or more ‘audacious goals’ that you’d like to see blossom into reality. Your visionary, audacious goals might be related to your housing, location, wellness, relationships, or livelihood, or something else.

And part of you — maybe a big part of you — may harbor doubts about whether this big, visionary yearning, your audacious goal, is possible, or even whether you deserve to accomplish and enjoy it once it’s manifested.

Many of us who want to create new outcomes or new realities sabotage ourselves right from the start, by failing to realize that if we want new outcomes, we need new road-maps and routes. In other words, we have to identify our existing ’stories’ and mythologies, and determine what about them needs to be rewritten.

Old stories don’t support our journey to new destinations; they keep us living the old story.

In other words, to change your reality or your outcomes, transform your thoughts and your "ways of doing." Change your stories, which are like your journey road-maps and your routes, and you’ll arrive at new destinations.


Do I know my story? Do you know yours? Do we know how we have arrived where we are? How can we name and pursue our dreams if we do not know what "stories" we have lived into to get us to where we are today? Do we care enough about our audacious dreams to try on new habits? Do we have the humility to invite others to point out our "old stories"?

All good questions. No time to answer them because I have 22 pages of Cornell Notes to finish before tomorrow.

Photo by Mackenzie Rollins

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