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Wednesday, April 16, 2008



In the year 2000 (cue LaBamba) our youth group went on a missions trip to the Bahamas. Rough I know. We then returned to the states for our International Youth Convention in Orlando, Florida.

While in the hotel, I made a late night run downstairs to call my girlfriend (Taryn) from a pay phone! That's right! A PAY PHONE! WITH A CALLING CARD! I SAID 2000 NOT 1987! PEOPLE STILL USED THAT STUFF IN 2000?!

ANYWAYS, on my way back up to my 16th floor hotel room I got stuck in the elevator. I called my dear friends Matt and Brady from the phone inside of the elevator...they laughed. At least they told the hotel staff and eventually the maintenance team rescued me after about 40 minutes.

With that said, I cannot imagine how this man felt. He was stuck in an elevator for 41 hours.

This is hard to watch.


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