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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oooo...new template!


I hate blogger.

Thus, this generic template will be in place until I have the time and energy to html my own little diddy.

In order to do that I will probably have to move to tumblr or wordpress because there is little freedom over here.

Anyone want to duke it out over which blog host is best?

Do you have any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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*thelongbrake said...

Tumblr wins in regards to aesthetics and viewability. The only complaint is that the reader can't comment. Still, I'd go with Tumblr.

benjamin said...

definitely tumblr. you can add comments by visiting these guys... www.disqus.com

Eric Stout said...

You can always code your own blogger template....

I stick with blogger for the easy usage and the integration of google and what not. Word Press has also caught my eye.

Johanna said...

Don't go to wordpress! It seems easy at first, but you are SUPER limited on picture space (50MB) without paying and it is really hard to use. Every time I want to post something on Thatcher Family, I think twice because it is not user friendly. Yet I post to my other two blogs all the time!

Reese said...

I was on blogger for a long time, I usually created my own templates or drastically edited others. My biggest problem with blogger was publishing errors. I moved to wordpress a couple months ago and I love it. Now I'm not talking wordpress.com hosted, I mean wordpress.org where you pay for your own hosting (which can be very affordable) and aren't bound by the types of limits set on wordpress.com blogs.

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