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Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you want me to shoot it? Noooo!


I needed a few days to think about this.

In fact, I needed a few nights as well.

My mind (and unconscious mind) have been tossing and turning over this Shaqille ONeal trade.

The pros and cons are being written about all over the internet. I could state where I agree and where I disagree, but its all already been dissected.

Personally, I am excited about this new era in Phoenix Suns basketball. I agree with this trade and think that it was time for a mix up down at the US Airways Center. The Suns were looking more and more like Vlade Divac’s Sacramento Kings and I did not want the Nash-era to run its course without a championship. I believe that a healthy Shaq gives us a much better chance at a championship run than Shawn Marion and his froggy shot.

It will be interesting to cheer for a team with a dominant big man. No offense to Bill Wennington, Luc Longely, or Oliver Miller but I have never cheered for a team with a top-tier center. Should be fun.

And if Shaq doesn’t work out perhaps Kazaam can grant our championship wishes.

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