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Friday, January 4, 2008

A Necessary Tool


I wish I had one of these. Or better stated, I wish I had a reason to have one of these.

The Sno-Baller!

I didn't live in Indiana long enough to remember many snowball fights.

The most recent snowball fight I can recall was on the way back from Nashville, TN. At a gas station along I-40, I picked up a snow ball and snuck around the corner of the building (in the direction of the bathrooms, which smelled like poo-poo-pies). As Taryn, my fiance at the time, walked out of the corner store with her Big Gulp I unloaded a 42mph throw that hit her square in the back.

She didn't talk to me for a whole day.

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Taryn S said...

I'll get you back someday. When you least expect it, too ...

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