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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hey Chicago, Whaddya say?


The Chicago Cubs have reached the playoffs for the fourth time (I don't count '84) in my 23 year life. 4 times! In my lifetime, there have been more Summer Olympics, Saturday night live character deaths, and Mountain Park Youth Pastors than Cubs playoff appearances.

When this season began I did not anticipate that the team with the NL’s worst record in 2006 would be atop their division. The additions of Soriano and Theodore Lilly have proven to be worth the money shed by GM Jim Hendry and there have been surprising performances from the baby cubs (would they just be cub cubs?). Let’s hope that their inspired performances continue into the post season.

The question that I continue to receive is, “do you think they are going to win it all?” My response, “I think they are going to win it all every year, and they usually don’t get close to the playoffs.” So you can imagine the hope that I feel as the Cubs make their way to the desert for their opening series against the Diamondbacks. I am stupid enough to believe that this could be the year that ends 99 years of billy goats and bartmans.

With all of the said, I am off to Phoenix, Arizona for my first Cubs playoff games. If you think about it, offer a prayer to the baseball gods (perhaps no different than God himself) in the name of Harry, Ronny, and Ryne.


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