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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Grab Your Kleenex


Now it's no secret that we love our tears up here at Mars Hill Graduate School. There is something about digging into your story that brings insecurities, questions, and pain that you have gone your whole life trying to avoid. Crying, in those moments, seems fitting. It feels pure. It feels clean.

You know when crying does not feel fitting? When you are taking a breather at the gym in between French press sets. When you are driving in the car to go pick up Shane so that you can hit balls at the driving range. When you are sitting at home working on your MySpace page. When you walk into Starbucks to grab a grande light foam soy white mocha. In those moments, crying feels strange. But you do anyways…why? Because in those moments music hits you…and you cry.


Please tell me I am not alone in this. Please tell me that music tugs at you people in moments that you least expect…and you shed a little tear. Maybe all of you tough guys who have not cried in over a year are thinking, "this guy sure is soft…I hope he is ready for the homosexual ridicule that I am going to leave him at the bottom of this post". And maybe I am soft...and you can bring on the ridicule. But…if you have a soul…music grabs it, twists, stomps on it, kicks it in the kidneys, spits it in its face, gives it a hug…and communicates something to you that simple words cannot. The songs that make you cry are the same songs that you cannot help but scream out at the top of young lungs. Right?

So without further rambling, my pop driven SONGS THAT MAKE ME CRY.

Gavin's song – Marc Broussard
The first time I heard this song, Marc played to close his concert. This song is an honest message to his son that he rarely spends time with. "I wish I could be there…but I can't"

No Sleep – The Cardigans
If you do not own this disc…go buy it now. It may be the saddest CD I own. The chorus of this song is a bittersweet look into loneliness. "And if I had one wish fulfilled tonight, I'd ask for the sun to never rise. If God lent his voice to me to speak I'd say 'go to bed, world!'"

Fields of Gold/Over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy
If you are not familiar with Eva…you are silly. These songs are brought to life with her tender vocal.

Hands - Benjamin Gate
This song is a blast from the past and continues to be a reminder of my fragility. "God I need your grace…let your spirit rescue me. God I need your love…let your grace shine through me"

The Blower's Daughter– Damien Rice
I could have mentioned a couple Damien Rice songs. If you do not have the new disc, go buy it.

Make This Go on Forever – Snow Patrol
Really the first 4:30 of this song is just the foreplay for one of my favorite closing hooks. "Please just save me from this darkness". Just fast forward to about 4:30…then repeat that line for a good two minutes.

Latter Days – Over the Rhine
This may be the saddest song I have ever heard.

If Tomorrow Was Forever – The Normals
Most of these songs have stories behind them…this one is no different. This song was a crutch for me in the midst of many relational difficulties.

Silence – Jars of Clay
I sang this song a number of times over the years…and I could not sing it without getting choked up. The honest frustration with the silence of God is compelling. "I got a question…where are you?"

Currents – Sleeping at Last
The prayer to be pulled back to shore is a constant as I go throughout my day.

Walk On – U2
After a long day in Las Vegas, NV I attended my first U2 concert. It was October of 2001. As U2 played this song they projected the names of all who had died in the September 11th attacks. They did not simply project the names on screens…they projected them on the audience. As this song played I had the names of fathers, mothers, children, fireman, business men…scrolling across my face. I lost it. Today, when I hear this song, I cannot help but revisit that powerful moment.

Where the Streets Have No Names – U2
With or Without You – U2
Miracle Drug – U2
Kite – U2

All of the other U2 songs are a result of many shows in the midst of many life situations. If you can come to a U2 concert (with the Mugford and I), song your heart out, jump around…and not get choked up. You don't have a soul. So here is the deal…if you go to a show with us next tour, and you don't get choked up, shed a tear, reevaluate your life, question your reason for existence, etc…I will give you your money back.

When the Tears Fall – Tim Hughes
This is a gorgeous song. Playing this song, with my dear friends, on Good Friday is one of my favorite moments in the MPCC building. This song speaks to the battle that roars in all of us as we engage life's struggles. This song was an anthem for me as my mom was in the midst of her mysterious kidney illness. "When hope is lost, I'll call you Savior. When pain surrounds, I'll call you healer. When silence falls, you'll be the song within my heart".

Edge of Love – Mindy Smith
I wish I was lying when I tell you that this song broke me down in Starbucks. As I drank my vanilla bean frapachino (which tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream), this song came on, and the ol' tear ducts started spreading some juicy love. "Maybe I'm your leap of faith…I know its right because you're my amazing grace."

That ends the list. Of course all of these are closely followed by I'll Be, Hanging by a Moment, Goodbye my Lover, Iris, I Hope You Dance, Emily, Red Red Wine, One Sweet Day, and All My Life (I apologize if those songs actually make you cry).

Why don't you try downloading those tracks, mix them with your own "crying songs playlist" (which you should comment on), light some candles, write a letter to someone you love…and have a good cry. You in?

Do you have any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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