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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Week of Questions


This week is full of questions. Like: can the Bears put pressure on Peyton Manning? Will Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson be able to run the ball through the heart of this rejuvenated Colts defense? Can Rex Grossman avoid getting trashed and running away with four or five prostitutes who will then report him and thus suspend him from playing on Sunday? If he does get suspended how will Brian Griese play?

All of those are great questions. But, believe it or not, those are not the questions that have been slowly picking at my conscious.

This trimester, my favorite class up to this point, has been Mission in a Global Context. It has me thinking about these questions:

  • When entering a different culture, there is a battle between the redemption of a culture (naming violence, etc) and the desire to “save ‘em and get ‘em in”. Which side of the pendulum do I tend to swing to?
  • What is the difference between progress…and redemption? How can we communicate the gospel without describing Jesus as a fix all?
  • “The church started as a missionary movement in Jerusalem, moved to Rome and became an institution, it traveled to Europe and became a culture, It crossed the Atlantic to America and became a big business”…what is next?
  • How can we, as Christians, live into individualism, globalization, or materialism and not disregard them as evil, but redeem them in a way that more effectively shows God?
  • What does it mean to be missional? Can we live missional lives while still taking the time to live incarnationally? In other words, can we live lives of mission while carrying for the whole of another? Can we living missonally be something more than an “us vs. them” battle?

Fun questions, huh? It is my hope not to find resolute answers to these questions but to continue to view our world, our culture, with these concerns in mind.

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