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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Off Broadway: Food


New York City is living proof that our food system is not just or sustainable.

Taryn and I live in an area that is commonly referred to as the "grocery graveyard". The people of Harlem have very few groceries and often have to walk a mile to find fresh produce, locally produced cheese and meat, and healthy options for their children. The alternative then? Fast food. As the southwestern portion of Harlem developed in the last 25 years, the state government gave tax exemptions for restaurants willing to open a location in the area. The result? Three Dunkin' Doughnuts and two McDonald's before you would see any kind of medium sized produce baring grocery store.

Then just three miles south, on the same little slice of land, are the world's finest restaurants.

Taryn and I have tried our best to live in this balance. To buy local produce at markets and to take advantage of the fine culinary experiences of the city. Could we do better? Probably. But I now have a much greater awareness of what justice looks like in terms of food. If you are interested in this conversation at all I would pick up Closing the Food Gap and watch the soon to be released Food Inc.

Moving now to our favorite restaurants in no particular order:

Otto: Batali's cheapest NYC option. If you go here get the Stomata de Parmesan and either the prosciutto or the copa. Follow it up with the rigatoni with escarole. Great wine list and never skip dessert. Taryn and I's favorite meal in the city.
Co: Pizza is not about the toppings (Dad!). It's about the dough. Jim Lahey nails it at his modern Chelsea pizza palace. Decent wine, Blue Moon on tap. Everything else on the menu is average. Stick to pizza.
Balthazar's: The Macaroni Au Gratin is worth the impending cardiac arrest. This place is very NY-Scene. Go here when you visit. Brunch is ok, lunch and dinner are better.
Rack & Soul: This place is close by on the UWS but it was pulled straight from the South. Speaking of pulled...the pulled pork is where it's at.
Mesa Grill: Bobby Flay's southwestern cooking style is best seen here during brunch. Great cocktails as well.
Koronet: $3.25 gets you the biggest slice of cheese pizza in Manhattan. Right Jordan?
Momofuku Milk Bar: The pork belly bun with the deep friend soft poached egg is best served with a cup of Stumptown coffee. The desserts, the breads, and the frozen yogurt (they once had a fruity pebble milk flavor!!) will all blow your mind.
Corner Bistro: A great dive bar with a fantastic, cheap burger. Order it medium rare.
Shake Shack: Arguably the best burger in the city. Better than In and Out or Taylor's. ALWAYS get the strawberry shake. There is also a secret coffee flavored shake that is quite delicious (Thanks Hank).
Levain: Best cookie I have ever had. Period.
Little Owl: Best pork chop I have ever had. Ate dinner with Michelle Pfeiffer and Steven Spielberg. It's located in the bottom of the Friend's building.
David Burke's: Three words. Cheesecake. Lollipop. Tree.

These restaurants have made me very thankful that God decided to make food the primary means for our nourishment.

Do you have any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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Jordan Lane Shappell said...

some times you get two slices for 6:50 :)

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