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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Years!


Taryn and I just went to Otto, drank a bottle of wine (may the pictures be evidence), and for the third year in a row, watched our wedding DVD.

During the intro and vows we cannot help but cry.

Following the vows, we are often overwhelmed by all of our friends and family's faces. Memories from that day include:

  • Being announced as "Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod and Taryn Shappell"
  • Jordan's "greatest human ever speech"
  • Beth's infamous itch
  • Jari's hair twirling
  • Taryn's bouquet toss fake out
  • Shane's long hair
  • Jeff's prayer ending with a collective "right on"
  • Austin's dancing
  • Steven's drunken guarder celebration
  • Tim's kind words
  • Jamie's song?
  • The cheesecake nobody ate
  • Matt's "you have been my brother" line
  • Taryn's excessive eye-liner and Jarrod's 50 extra lbs
  • Grandma June's lifted bouquet
  • Baby Joe Joe
  • Oh...and puking 13 times before midnight. Ask us about that some time.
Thanks for all of you who were there. Thank you for those who sent us kind words today. We are thankful for the many relationships we have and want you to know that you have left a mark on us.

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