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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Locatedness: Food


In Phoenix it's Oreganos. Duh. A big rig pasta with extra sauce and extra cheese.

In Seattle it's a mocha from Uptown Espresso and a strawberry filled biscuit from Macrina.

In New York it's a plate of copa and a Parmesan soufflé from Otto.

In Los Angeles it's a double-double with a neapolitan milk shake.

In Chicago it's gotta be Giordano's deep dish pizza.

Taryn and I love food. Food matters to us. Would we decide where we should live based on food alone? Probably not. But have you ever eaten at Crow? Had the carne asada nachos at Amado's? Had a pizza at Co.? What about the world's best cookie from Lavain? See. If you haven't had it, you can't judge us when we pack our bags in the name of cuisine.

Of course, I could always just cook at home.

Just another thing to consider.

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