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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our NYC Life


This is our home in NYC. I apologize for my antics.

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Johanna said...

Great video! Thanks for letting us see your new place! Looks cozy.

Jeremy said...

I am just really bummed we did not get to hang more while you were here...I do want to note for those who get to see the video on YouTube...the real gems, in my opinion begin around 4:47 on Tukee Tribe Draft and with a "Mountain...Point...Pride!" as other highlights from the jshappell23 collection. It really is one of the beauties of full-time class again (which necessitates a lot more distractions-like following links on someone's youtube profile). Next time we are in Philly, we would love to meet up for dinner...leadership next weekend-will be thinking about you, jarrod.

optionC said...

so if you only wear two pairs of pants, and there were two pairs of pants on the pants rack, were you pantsless as you filmed the video?

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