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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



"The two belong together. You cannot have hopeful and responsible action without some vision of a possible future. To put it in another way, if there is no point in the story as a whole, there is no point in any of my own action. If the story is meaningless, any action of mine is meaningless."

- Newbigin, Gospel in a Pluralist Society

Our life is often full of meaningless stories. We live marriages, relationships and vocations without a greater purpose. Our churches, schools, and organizations often struggle to name a possible future. Thus we spin through life not seeing our actions as a part of a whole.

We can find great meaning in our stories if we take the time to consider what we want our stories to contain. If we take the time to consider what motivates our decisions and frames our hopes for the future we will find great meaning and sense in our daily actions.

What influences your hopes for the future? How do you imagine your story ending?

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