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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cubs: "You Don't Pick Who You Love"


We called my great grandma "Candy Grandma" because she always had a dish of candy next to her blue recliner. Almost weekly we would go over to her house and steal candy from this dish, join her on the couch, and watch TV. It was a little tv, framed in oaky-finish, and I remember moving the knob to the only channel we ever watched together. Channel 9. WGN.

Candy Grandma got me addicted. Not to Werther's Originals, DOTS, or Sugar Babies. To the Chicago Cubs.

Next to the TV was her shrine to Santo, Grace, and Sandberg. She had autographed baseballs, stuffed animals, and miscellaneous give-a-ways that draped the shelves in red and blue. Yet, something was missing among this paraphernalia. It is something that is missing from any Cubs fan of the last 100 years. We have nothing that reads "World Champion Chicago Cubs".

The 100 year drought has been written about exhaustively this season. However, today ESPN.com has an excellent story highlighting the tortured souls that dress themselves in Cubbie Blue.

For a glimpse into my life of sports misery, read these stories.

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