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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Yearbook Story


Taryn, my wife, was the editor of our senior yearbook. Senior year she was captain of the cheerleading squad and chief editor of the yearbook. It really was fascinating to watch someone live life as a loud, perky nerd.

As the editor one of her main responsibilities was to oversee the baby picture section at the end of the book. You all had these, right? Moms and Dads would shell out $200 buckeroos to write you an embarrassing (yet presumably encouraging) note. Well, my mom bought a 1/2 page Jarrod ad and turned it on time, etc. When the yearbook came months later we eagerly flipped through it searching for the classic blond-headed Jarrod in suspenders picture...only to realize that my baby page was missing. That's right. Taryn, "chief editor", forgot her boyfriend's baby page.

I'm suprised we're still together.

I keeed. I keeeed.

That yearbook story is simply to set up THIS. Enjoy.

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