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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics Thoughts / Carl Lewis


While there are those of you out there who may not be interested in the Olympics, I am hooked. I did not have much of a choice. When I married Taryn I committed to cheering for athletes that compete in everything from the pommel horse to the air pellet gun.

However, Michael Phelps quest for 8 gold medals does actually have my interest. If he wins 2 more gold medals in this Olympics he will pass Carl Lewis (and 2 others) for the most gold medals of all time.

Which got me thinking about Carl Lewis. Carl, while known for his track and field success, is equally as known for his terrible national anthem rendition. One would assume that this is the only time Carl had ever sang. I was wrong. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your pleasure, Carl Lewis singing...BREAK IT UP.

Thank. You. YouTube.

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Jordan Lane Shappell said...

note the bubbles that come out of nowhere around 0:56 or so.

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