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Friday, August 29, 2008

Best of NYC: Balthazar's


Two fridays ago I was in Elgin. If I had to pick a Best Restaurant in Elgin I would unabashedly pick Quiznos. Chicken Carbonara with a splash of Zesty Grill Sauce baby!

Last Friday the in-laws were in town and I did not have a chance to post that week's best NYC restaurant. However, having Taryn's parents in town gave us an opportunity to eat at some great restaurants. This weeks winner....


We went to Balthazar's for brunch on Saturday and it was delicious. I had french toast, Taryn and Robin split a waffle, and Tim got the Macaronni and Cheese. While the french toast was excellent and the basket of pasteries carbo-licious...Tim was the winner. The Au Gratin Mac and Cheese (it feels offensive to abreviate such a masterful plate of food) was perfect. Parmesean, white chedder, and bacon all baked in a cast iron skillet...mmmm.

Balthazar's is a relatively well known NY eatery (noteably for its bakery and seafood) so I will let a google search direct you to a more thorough review. Just know that if you are in NYC and have a craving for cheese you MUST visit Balthazar's.

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