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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best of NYC: brgr


Taryn and I like to eat. Imagine that.

Thus we are quite excited about the opportunity to dive into the NYC culinary scene. We often think that we would do quite well writing as every-day middle-class food critics. We can't do the Foie Gras brulé with Roast Duck shavings and Black Trumpet Papaya Truffles thing but we can give you our three favorite dishes at your neighborhood Italian Kitchen. All of that said, each Friday (maaaaaybe) I am going to post our favorite restaurant of the week.

This week: brgr

I am not sure how we found out about this place. We knew we were going to be in Chelsea and had heard that this was one of the best burgers in the city. Taryn didn't care about the burgers. All she knew was that they got voted the best milk shake in america. Mmmmmm.

The menu is simple and while you can customize your own sandwhich we went with the premade and vowel-lessly named BRGR and TRKY BRGR. My all beef patty, whose thickness was somewhere between In n Out and Chili's, was cooked perfectly having a tiny bit of pink in the middle. It was served on a chewey steamed bun and came with a special sauce (smooooky). Taryn had the Turkey Burger topped with Guyere and grilled onions. It too was cooked perfectly. We had an order of sweet potato french fries which were too spuddy but had the right ammount of crispy (for the Phoeniecians, their s.p. fries were not as good as Delux).

And the milkshakes? We got strawberry. The best shake I have ever had.

287 7th Ave
New York, NY 10001
(212) 488-7500

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