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Friday, May 16, 2008

To my bro's


To Pop-Collared Chad and his Natty-light,

“The problem with bro is that it’s a word that feigns affection and unity when there really isn’t any. I don’t want to be bros with someone who calls me bro, because no one who is truly my bro uses the word bro. Whereas bro once meant “brother”, now it means “I don’t have any real brothers, so I will try to pretend I do by calling you bro.” When someone says, ‘Can I bro a dollar from you, bro?’ with his hands poised to facilitate the classic two-step bro handshake to man-hug, the insinuation is that because I am his bro, I would be uncool unless I bro’d him down.” - May issue of GQ Magazine

(Please note the four popped collars)

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Jordan Lane Shappell said...

i love you, bro. i can say that cause i am your blood.

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