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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Educational Application


A Classroom Path to Entrepreneurship

There is a fabulous article in the NYT about the rise of undergraduate courses on Entrepreneurship. The entire article is worth a read and it captures much of why I came to Mars Hill Graduate School.

I do not contend that MHGS has done a great job of being an “ideal incubator for hatching” churches, para-churches, etc. But they do work to pair praxis and theology. They create environments that create freedom for the artist. They pair theologians and therapists hoping for pastors that love their congregation more than their Sunday morning service or their newest Saturday night emerging candle party.

9 days from graduating I am thankful for an education that has worked to encourage praxis. Could they do better? Yes. (The MACS program needs a facelift. I propose a business track, a para-church track, and an artist track) Yet, MHGS (in my own research) is one of the few accredited programs that are working hard to embody that “education is the foundation, application the affirmation.”

I am grateful for this.

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mshedden said...

Not yet. And how should a school really invest in a MACS program, when there two big programs don't give anyone a place to go yet. I would love the MACS program get a boost, but I think it should be pretty far down the list.
My two cents.

Derrick Fudge said...

I love the article and was very inspired. It reminded me of some of my hopes for mars, yet were never realized. Especially being in the counseling program, I received very little opportunity in Christian community experimentation. I would have loved an opportunity to get together with my fellow classmates and come up with really silly community ideas and try to actually make it happen

Jarrod said...

After Shedden posted this comment he withdrew it due to his own ignorance.

Clearly few who want to be an "agent of change" are going to want to come in and drop 60k on an education that will keep them locked to their computers for four years. For those envisioning more formal ministry roles...sure. For the general clientele that MHGS attracts...I think not.

M-A-C-S. Clap. Clap. Clap, Clap, Clap.

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