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Tuesday, April 1, 2008



“But ‘love’ is one of the slipperiest words in the language. There is no other word in our society more messed up, misunderstood, perverted, and misused as the word ‘love’. Complicating things even further, it is a word terribly vulnerable to cliché, more often than not flattened into non-meaning by chatter and gossip…It is often used by the same person and in the same conversation in self-contradicting ways - seriously and frivolously, soberly and sentimentally, thoughtfully and teasingly. It is used in the worship of a holy God and as a euphemism for loveless sex. An incalculatable amount of violence, both emotional and physical, occurs in relationships begun in love. In no other human experience do we fail so frequently, get hurt so badly, suffer so excruciatingly, and get deceived so cruelly as in love. Still, we continue to long for love, dream of it, attempt it.” - Eugene Peterson

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tJS said...

Wow, that is an incredible quote. It takes on even more meaning for me when I think about the numerous verses that say God is Love ...

I'm glad that I've found love in you - whatever that means!

Shakadal said...
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Laura said...

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Fenrisar said...

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