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Thursday, March 6, 2008

On Leadership...


With a storied history (short history, but history none the less) in leadership positions, I often wonder what it means to lead. I think back on personal periods of leading and I wonder...

Was I manipulative or coercive? Did I simply lead the team to my desired outcomes? Does my goal for this team/ministry/organization come from a place of near-sighted selfishness or a place of hope? Do I have the right to lead? Would others lead better?

For me, these questions and fears often lead to a certain level of reticence.

I imagine there are others who share this experience.

And yet we are called to lead. To share our vision. To share a hope for the future.

“Imagine Martin Luther King saying, ‘I have a dream ... But I don’t know if the others will buy it.’”
- Boston Philharmonic conductor Ben Zander

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