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Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Monster Wheel


Today I logged onto my Facebook account.

At the bottom of the page was an advertisement. It was an evil advertisement. An ad placed there by Satan himself. It was brightly adorned in “Barney purple and green” and was spinning., and spinning, and spinning. Each space in the evil spinning wheel had a different vocation. Health care…public relations…entertainment…food service…accounting…EVIL!! This malevolent wheel continued to spin…taunting me to pick a job....a career…a cubicle…an office…a direction.

I currently find myself spinning standing in front of this spinning wheel. And its not as fun as Bob Barker’s big wheel. Its not even as fun as Vanna’s wheel (which is arguably the worst game show to run longer than 2 years).

As a 23 year old, months away from completing his masters degree, I am thankful that there is more to life than my job. More to life than 9-5. More to life than making money. More to relationships than networking. More to success than where I am positioned on a corporate ladder.

I find comfort in knowing that Jesus did not invite his followers to a life centered in vocation, but a life centered in love. He took tax collectors, tent makers, and fishermen and invited them, not to a different vocation, but to new way of life. He invited them to relationship not for their success, but for the love of the world.

And yet, as others my age (I know that we are young and that we have 50+ years of life ahead of us…shhhhh), I worry about what my desk will look like. Will I travel? Will it be in ministry? Will I get paid well enough to support my family? Can I do what I love and actually get paid at all? What is the correct next step as I consider a vocational direction? Do I need to start something or help change another?

Where will the wheel stop? Will it land on one space? Is there a place the wheel is "called" to stop?

Spin wheel. Spin.

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kateonbroadway said...

Hi! I just happened upon your blog, please don't stop writing :)

Jordan Lane Shappell said...

plinko was better.

life wheel sucks.

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