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Monday, October 22, 2007

A Mid-Western Birthday


Friday night was my wife’s birthday. I am now sleeping with an older woman!

We celebrated by taking a little trip to Chicago/Indiana.

On Friday, our dear friend Jari flew out to Chicago to surprise her. Colin, Shane, and Jordan joined us that evening and we enjoyed dinner and drink on the 96th floor of the Hancock Tower. Laughs and adult beverages were shared by all (except Jordan, he didn’t share in the beverages because he is only 19…you know what, that’s not true. He snuck a sip of my $18 margarita. He said it tasted like lemonade.)

It was a special weekend.

Each year I try to use Taryn’s birthday (which is slowly becoming a birth-week) to celebrate the incredible gift that she is. Each year, as the week comes to a close, I wonder if she got it. I wonder if she understands the joy her ear to ear smile brings me. I wonder if she understands how grateful I am for her grace. I wonder if she grasps how beautiful I think she is in my Chicago sky-line t-shirt. I wonder if she comprehends how much I enjoy her generosity and her refusal of status-quo. I wonder if she can see how much I enjoy pursuing our dreams together.

Each year I do my best to portray these things…hoping that she will comprehend.

I am starting to think she is pretending like she doesn’t get it so I can try once again next October.

Taryn, even if you are playing dumb, I will live my life in gratitude for your love.

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