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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Sleepy Stop


I have a business idea and I need some help. I need a name, a few million bucks, some property, and some kind of covenant with a mattress company.

Ready for the sales pitch?

Have you ever finished lunch at 1:30 on the other side of town, only to realize that you have a meeting at 4:45 just up the street? Did you want to drive home and relax, but didn't want to battle the stifling rush hour traffic? Have you ever found yourself in between appointments but not knowing anyone or anything in the area? Want to enjoy some peace and quiet without having to fight for a table in your local Starbucks? Perhaps you had a long morning and want a nap, but how can that happen when you are so far from home?

The answer?

The sleepy stop…or…the nap nook…or…the doze den…or…siesta center…or…Lou's snooze palace.

For those of us who live in cities, have extreme commutes, enjoy the periodic afternoon shut-eye, and tend to be a little more introverted, this would be sweet. Instead of driving from Anaheim all the way back to Hollywood so that you can have a two hour period of relaxation, you can just stop in at one of the many Cat Nap Corners. Rather than driving from North Scottsdale, out to Laveen, and then back up to Scottsdale for dinner, why not enjoy a nap at the Hibernation Station?

Customers would pay per hour, per room. Each room would come with a Bose Stereo alarm clock, a white noise machine, a bed of your choice (firm, soft, pillow top, postropedic, sleep number, you name it we got it at Slumberland.), and an array of blankets. Each room would come with free wi-fi and one beverage of your choice.

Here is where my idea stops. I need a cost analysis, a mattress endorsement (anyone know Debbie Gabby?), and other sleeping accessory ideas. Let's brain storm together and then I will take this to the many millionaires who support me as I look to bring life to many unsuccessful businesses. Of course before I can create a business plan I need a name. What should the name be ladies and gents? What else is needed for this Mattress Mansion?

Do you have any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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