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Friday, March 2, 2007

C is for Cookie


For me, blogs are all about conversation. Conversations about Bush’s foreign policy, classic movies, the most recent book in Oprah’s book club, theological dilemmas, etc. These are all great things that need to be talked about. But let’s be honest…most blogs are not for all of us. Some are over our heads and others use words like “kumtuxism”, and quite frankly we don’t know what that means. So I thought we should talk about something that resonates deep within us all…


Upon receiving my green box of Girl Scout cookies, I have been inspired. So without further rambling, here are my top 5 cookies:

Circus Animal Cookies: Now while this may not be your favorite, is there anyone out there who does not like these things? Eating these is like Sunday school on crack. Eat about 20 of these while building a cabin out of popsicle sticks. It’s a guaranteed good time.

Chewy Chips Ahoy: Don’t get me started. I know you think they are gross, but you are wrong. Take your brown bagged chunky chips, your rainbow chips, even your blue original chips ahoy and shove it. Chewy is the best. Ya, so what if the chocolate chips taste like raisins sometimes? They are chewy and chewy is good.

The Thin Mint: I just happen to have opened a box. Well, I opened the box the other day, ate one, and then stuck them in the fridge. Is there anything better than a chilly thin mint? There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best Girl Scout cookie. Do-si-dos are just trying to be as good as Nutter Butters, those shortbread cookies taste like you are having cheap communion, Tagalongs are from the devil, and lets be honest those coconuts things, they are dog food biscuits. Those little girls should be punished for selling those things to humans. Thin mints rule and the rest simply drool.

The Oreo: This is a strange relationship. I don’t actually like eating the cookie…I just like it in everything. Cookies and Cream is my favorite ice cream flavor. I love Oreo cookie crust on cheesecake. My late night craving is a Jack in the Box Oreo shake. I love the flavor of Oreo, but I cannot eat the cookie plain. Strange, isn’t it? And before you ask…yes I have tried dipping it in milk…its not good.

Nilla Wafer: What was that?! Did you just say…do not call them VANILLA wafers!! It is NILLA!! Now that that is out of the way, this is one of my favorite cookies. It connects me to my childhood. I remember eating these by the handful while I watched the Price is Right with my great grandma. You know what always bugged me about Nilla Wafers? That grocery stores sell them next to the bananas. Do people really slice up bananas and put them on their disc of Nilla? Of course not. Move them right next to the cash register where they belong.

Honorable Mention: Milano Cookies, Nutter Butters, Fortune Cookies, and Mrs. Fields cookies.

Of course this list is only taking precooked cookies into account. I am a huge fan of a fresh cookie.

Let’s talk about all things cookies. What is your favorite over the counter cookie? What is your favorite cookie that grandma makes? What is your favorite kind of cookie to bake at home? Do you dip your cookies? Would you rather eat cake? If you would rather eat cake, I would question your sanity. Perhaps you need therapy. Cookies are the best.

Talk cookies.

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