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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Phoenix Falling


I am currently on my way home from Phoenix (sitting next to a fellow MHGS student, Rachel) and I am relieved to be done with my Christmas “vacation”. Those two weeks were not much of a vacation but I am thankful for the many meaningful times I shared with others.

I am thrilled about the time I spent with Steven and Jari. I am honored to have spoken once again at Mountain Park. I am grateful that Allan continues to seek my wisdom in regards to the progress of that community. I am excited to see the future of The Bridge, and I am truly grateful that I was about to take part in the first service out in Laveen. I am excited for my parents as they move out to that cow town. I giggled as I chased ZaneTarr up the stairs of Rock Bottom. My team and I had a blast dominating the Ultimate Frisbee field. I had a ton of fun with the Tidwells and the Mugfords on New Years. I savored all 6 visits to Oreganos. I met Jordan’s lady friend. I celebrated every second I got to spend quality time with Mug…and the future Mug. It was just a wonderful 18 days.

But let me tell you something…Taryn and I will be doing things different next year because you should never come home from a vacation needing a vacation.

Christmas gift update: I got the Soriano Cubs jersey I was after, I got a magnificent hot chocolate maker…and…today I bought a Nikon D80. I am not sure if this blog is ready to be hit with all of my amateur photographs, but it’s going to be hit…like a Glendon Rusche curveball.

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